About JAMS

Maritime Education & Training


Professor Mustafa A. Massad

Founder & President, Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies

Since the establishment of Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies quality, maritime education and training has developed whereby Jordan joined the white list of International Maritime Organization for states which fulfill the provision of STCW 1978 Convention as amended.

Maritime education and training require a continuous keeping up with different national and international legislations, and complete commitment implement conventions and other legislation controlling education and training which requires high investment for the provision of teaching and training aids, especially for distance learning which has lately become one of the learning methods in all fields, including the maritime sector.

Jordan graduates in general have gained a reputable name in maritime industry, which means an additional advantage in this sector and related others.

Since the establishment of the Academy, it has committed to its logo “Committed to Excellence” in all activities:

  • All lecturers and administrative staff are well experienced and distinguished in their fields, and are capable to transfer their knowledge and experience to their students.
  • The Academy is committed to providing all and latest resources to its students and trainees such these include navigational and engineering simulators, engineering workshops, computing and electrical labs, lecture rooms, furnished accommodation, a rich library, along with necessary and most appropriate learning environment.
  • The Academy is committed to the quality of its outputs and operations where in it applies different quality systems of relevance to guarantee the achievement of aspired quality of all its services which comprise maritime education and training besides administrative consultations. Thus, the Academy fulfills its commitment of distinguished graduate Arab World- Wise and internationally.

In general, public authorities, shipowners and other interested parties recognize the need to encourage the entry into the shipping industry of sufficient numbers of suitable men and women, such parties are expected to encourage these potential seafarers in every possible aspect.

Seafarers may be assisted in fully developing their skills and experience by means of cadetship programs for those aspiring to become officers, short duration pre-sea or onboard training courses for ratings, and through the provision of special upgrading, refresher or re-training courses for certain categories and grades of officers and ratings.

those aspiring to become officers, short duration pre-sea or onboard training courses for ratings, and through the provision of special upgrading, refresher or re-training courses for certain categories and grades of officers and ratings.


JAMS was established

in 2003 to start its first academic year in 2004 as the first Jordanian institution specialized in the maritime education and training (MET) and management consultation

JAMS provided

the maritime sector with more than 26000 graduated (both students and trainees) who achieved the Jordanian COCs and specialized maritime training programs from more than 50 nationalities.

JAMS own its apartments

that welcome foreign and international students and trainees which are fully monitored and secured and have the best behavior for them.

The headquarters of the Academy

is located in the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan – Amman. The premises are fully equipped to cover a number of buildings and equipment, including; The scholar building; Which includes classrooms, admission and registration department, a number of simulators, computer lab, English language lab and Marlins test center, document copying unit, prayer hall, lecturers and heads of educational departments offices

The headquarters also includes

the administrative building, which includes offices of administrative staff, training rooms and halls, and the theater that can accommodate more than 200 people. The Academy equipped also the engineering workshops and the control and electrical laboratory.



To be a first choice, added-value supplier of Maritime Education, Training and Consultancy Services, and high-quality services in the Middle East.


JAMS is a quality focused maritime institution providing comprehensive services of Maritime Education and Training (MET) while committed to customers, employees, owners and the maritime community in general.


Main Values

JAMS adopts a number of main values that contribute to achieving its set goals; as follows:

Quality and Excellence

At all services provided in compliance with relevant local and international requirements to satisfy the concerned parties needs and expectations, and which include all phases of the Academy’s processes and at all administrative levels (each according to its field of specialization and tasks).

Sharing Knowledge

JAMS believes that institutional knowledge is more valuable and superior than individual knowledge. Accordingly, all JAMS personnel are required to share knowledge at the departmental level and the Academy level, as well as with students and trainees.

Continual Improvement

The Academy is continuously developing and improving all of its processes to achieve aspired sustainability, besides the continual development of human resource, both lecturers or administrative.

Social Responsibility

Through positive involvement in the society and performing institutional and individual duties required by the state.

Quality Policy

JAMS is dedicated to providing Educational and Training opportunities and Management Consultancy services that meet or exceed the needs of learners, maritime/business and our community by:

Main Goals

  • To provide new career opportunities in the fields of Marine Engineering and Navigation.
  • To provide highly skilled graduates capable of working in the fields of Marine Engineering and Navigation.
  • To conduct advanced research and studies on issues related to the development of Marine Engineering, Marine Navigation and Management.
  • To develop, sponsor and coordinate training programs for marine competency certificates renewal as well as assisting the public and private sectors in implementation of techniques and methods for improving management skills.
  • To develop relation with other institutions specialized in the same issue related to the sustainability of Marine Engineering, Marine Navigation and Management.
  • To participate in national and international conferences on topics related to the application of science and technology in marine fields.

JAMS Accreditation &
Quality Management

As known, the accreditation of Maritime Education and Training (MET) institution all over the world comes under the jurisdiction of maritime administrations, and as such JAMS is accredited by Jordan Maritime Commission (JMC) since its establishment in 2003.

European Union Recognized the Maritime Education and Training System in Jordan. It is considered a certificate of appreciation for holders of Jordan Maritime Certificate which enables them to work on ships all over the world including ships flying European Union state flags.

JAMS is member of International Association of Maritime Institutions (IAMI).

Jordan is addressed in IMO white list of countries which have fulfilled the provisions of STCW 1978 Convention as amended, which is considered an international recognition of Jordan maritime graduates.

The government of Jordan represented by JMC has concluded memorandum of mutual recognition of MET and certificates of competency according to rule 1/10 of international convention with several countries, both Arab and foreign such as Egypt, Kuwait, UAE, Tunis, Qatar, Morocco, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, Brazil, etc.

JAMS has the only approved test center for Maritime English in Jordan (Marlins).

JAMS has signed cooperation treaties with a number of maritime Arab and international organizations such as IMO, WMU (Sweden), South Shields College (UK), AMET university (India), Institute superior d’ Etudes Maritimes (Morocco), Jordan Vocational Training Cooperation, Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO)

As the first Jordanian institution and one of the world-few institutions, JAMS achieved ISO 29993:2017 certificate.

JAMS is a member of Arab Organization of Quality Assurance in Education (AROQA).

JAMS is a member of Jordan Society for Quality.

JAMS is a member of Arab Federation for Chambers of Shipping.

JAMS has been applying ISO 9001 SINCE 2006, and continually updating its system and quality standard procedures as per the requirements of the said system.

JAMS is a member of Arab Trainers Union.