Registration Dates and Procedures for Old Students

Students enrolled in the basic studies program (old students) are kindly requested to complete their registration procedures through the electronic students portal
With the necessity of paying the required fees through direct payment with the Finance Department at the Academy’s headquarters, or by bank transfer to the Academy’s account, or through eFAWATEERcom, and that will be after the completion of the electronic registration process, and according to the following academic semesters’ schedule:

Day Date Term
Monday 22/02/2021 First Semester (Nautical, Marine Engineering, Marine Electrical Engineering)
Tuesday 23/02/2021 Second Semester (Nautical, Marine Engineering)
Wednesday 24/02/2021 Third Semester (Nautical, Marine Engineering)
Thursday 25/02/2021 Fourth Semester (Nautical, Marine Engineering)

For regulatory purposes, the registration procedures for the next semester (second 2020/2021); will be as follows:
1. Log in through the student portal using the academic number and password.
2. Select courses that the student wants to register accurately, taking into account giving importance to the courses that are prerequisites for later courses.
3. Carry out the registration confirmation process. Make sure that courses have been correctly selected.
4. Follow up the status of the online registration form through the same portal to be signed and approved electronically by (the academic advisor, head of the department) and then pay the fees; directly at the academy’s headquarters, or by paying with the bank with the academy’s account, or via eFAWATEERcom.

– All students are required to adhere to the registration dates according to the above schedule to avoid the penalty of delay.
– Absence is counted for all basic studies students – the second semester 2020/2021 – from the first day of the start of studies (28/02/2021).
– The academic calendar for the second semester 2020/2021 is available on Admission & Registration page as well as the students’ portal announcements page.