Course Description

Fuel & oil properties and combustion, Fuel & oil treatment, Steam boiler fuel atomization and fuel combustion, Auxiliary boiler fundamental, Auxiliary boiler construction and mountings, Auxiliary boiler steam distribution and operation, Heat exchangers Evaporators and distillers, Steering gear principles (hydraulic/electric control, system & telemotors. Steering gear hydraulic power operated rudder system and hydraulic, power rotary and auxiliary pumps and Emergency steering, Principle of refrigeration, Fridge Compressor and system components, Refrigeration system operation, Brine system & cold storage spaces. Air conditioning (AHU, control of air “temp, humidity, motion and cleanliness” & psychometric chart, Marine pumps and systems (principles & types), Pump Operation, losses in suction and Discharge, Lines, performance curves and troubleshooting problems, pipe and fittings, (valves construction and types). Pumping systems (Bilge Ballast “S. W & F.W” domestic & treatment F. W. central cooling treatment. Emergency fire pump driven by hydraulic motor. Prevention of pollution, Shafting & propeller, Fire & Safety.

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