Course Description

This course will explain the conduction in semi-conductor with the pn Junction, different applications of Semi-conductor diodes circuits such as (clippers, clampers, Half-Wave Rectifier Operation, Center-Tapped Full-Wave Rectifier Operation, Bridge Full-Wave Rectifier Operation, Voltage Doubler, Tripler, Zener diode), transistors basic BJT operation as an amplifier and switch with its characteristics and parameters ,JFET, MOSFET, and IGBT Characteristics, Operational Amplifiers (OPAMP), characteristics and Basic OP-AMP circuits (Comparator, Summing Amplifiers,… etc ), the importance and classification of Power Electronics Converter Circuits. Also, explain some important Thyristor-Based Devices (SCR, GTO, TRIAC, DIAC) Characteristics and Operations.

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