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The Sea guided training program is considered as the second stage follow the educational training Plan for the Basic studies of Marine Engineering, Nautical and Marine electrical engineering before they join the vessel, and during /after the onboard training
The sea guided training program is a practical training onboard vessel for one-year (365 day) sea service as demanded by international conventions on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers STCW 78, for Nautical, Marine Engineer and Marine Electrical departments.

During this program, students will study a various number of educational courses according to the models approved by the International Maritime Organization “IMO” (IMO Model courses), so that these courses are based on the English language for all references, and the combination of Arabic and English in the explanation to ensure understanding and the delivery of information with commitment to the required amount of knowledge and quality.

This program aims to reach a final outcome of learners who have theoretical knowledge with practical application in accordance with the requirements of the International Treaty of STCW and according to the models approved by the International Maritime Organization

Candidates should finish basic studies program requirements.

• Basic studies Certificate graduates

Graduate students how finish the basic studies program
Fill the form (AR-F03) and send to registration department after sign from the academic advisor and head of department.

complete the files listed below for admission and Registration Department.
1. Copy of a valid (civil) passport.
2. A medical report according to the approved form.
3. 6 personal photos in the uniform of the academy.
4. A copy of the military service book, deferred for Jordanian students.
5. Copy of Marlins test (mark 60% above).

Once accepting the application, you can enter the platform and attend lectures as well as other activities.
All documents send by email or by hand to registration department.

Other rules as per students guide and academic handbook as announced at JAMS website – Admission and Registration page

• Any Device that can be connected to the internet, such as Desktop, laptop, smartphone, tab, …
• Stable internet connection (4G or fiber link is preferred).
• Follow JAMS E-Platform and/ or O-JAMS Platform as well as Students Portal

Fees can be settled by bank transfer, eFAWATEERcom service, direct cash payment, any other approved payment method as per JAMS finance department requirements.

• All fees are due and payable once the technical and financial offer (email) is approved/ accepted and before the start date of the program.
• Program fees shall be paid before the set date.
• All payments and fees are nonrefundable

Contact Person(s)

Name: Mr. Anas Quttaineh
Position: Manager , Admissions & Registration and Student Affairs
Telephone: 0096265240102
Fax: 0096265240107


Duration: 2 Weeks


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