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IMO Model Course No.


Program Code

OCNW - Part A


Marine Navigation



Learning Model



STCW 1978 as amended in Manilla 2010, II/1 (Officer in Charge of Navigation Watch Part A “2nd Mate – Part A”).

The standards of competence that have to be met by seafarers at this level (operations) are defined in part A of the STCW Code, in the Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers Convention, as amended in 2010 (Manila).

• Mathematics (1)
• ESP (3)
• Physics (2)
• Terrestrial Navigation (1) (Introduction and Projection)
• Seamanship (3) – Collision Prevention
• Ship Stability
• Celestial Navigation (1)
• Meteorology
• Navigational Instruments (Compass)

• Candidates should hold a General Secondary School Certificate (scientific, literary, industrial, I.T.) must be endorsed by the Jordan Embassy of your country & Ministry of Education at Jordan.
• Have a minimum of 30 months sea service as deck rating on ships of 500 GRT or more after holding the general secondary certificate.
• Certificate of sea service from the company/ vessel.
• Copy of seaman book/ seaman passport (showing the required maritime service).
• Copy of passport with the statement of movements (stamps).

Students who have Experience “30 months Sea services or more” after obtaining the General Secondary School Certificate.

• Apply for the mentioned program through Admission Portal (
• Follow the admission steps as needed and linked email.
• JAMS admission and Registration department will review the submitted documents.
• Once accepting the application, you will receive an acceptance email including student details such as; Academic number, platform username, and password, students portal username, and password.
• Enter the platform and attend lectures as well as other activities.

• Passing the Marlins English exam with at least 60% is a prerequisite for graduation from studies. The exam results are valid for 24 months.

• Any Device that can be connected to the internet, such as Desktop, laptop, smartphone, tab, …
• Stable internet connection (4G or fiber link is preferred).
• Follow JAMS E-Platform and/ or O-JAMS Platform as well as Students Portal

• Accommodation is optional at JAMS apartment in a single room or double room.
• Fees can be settled by bank transfer, eFAWATEERcom service, direct cash payment, any other approved payment method as per JAMS finance department requirements.

• All fees are due and payable once the technical and financial offer (email) is approved/ accepted and before the start date of the program.
• Program fees shall be paid before the set date.
• All payments and fees are nonrefundable.

Contact Person(s)

Name: Mr. Anas Quttaineh
Position: Head of Admission & Registration Department
Telephone: 0096265240102
Fax: 0096265240107
Mobile: 00962792660359


Starting Date: 13 June, 2021
End Date: 7 October, 2021
Duration: 4 Months


JAMS Hard Copy Certificate,
JAMS Soft Copy Certificate


JAMS Assessment



Learning Tools

PowerPoint Presentations,
White Board,
Team work,
Case Study,
Discussions/Brain Storming

Program Fees


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