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Marine Engineering



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STCW 1978 as amended in Manilla 2010, III/1 (Officer in Charge of Engineering Watch “3rd Engineer”).

The standards of competence that have to be met by seafarers at this level (operations) are defined in part A of the STCW Code, in the Standards of Training , Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers Convention, as amended in 2010 (Manila).

This course covers the minimum standards of competence for officers in charge of an engineering watch in a manned engine-room or designated duty engineers in a periodically unmanned engine-room, as Per (STCW, Sec. A.III /I)

It sets out the education and training to achieve the following functions at the operational level: as detailed in the IMO model course No. 7.04
• Marine engineering
• Electrical, electronic and repair
• Maintenance and repair
• Controlling the operation of the ship and care for the persons on board


Requirements: • Candidates should hold a General Secondary School Certificate (scientific, literary, industrial, I.T.) must be endorsed by Jordan Embassy of your country & Ministry of Education at Jordan.
• Have a minimum of 30 months sea service as Engine Rating on Ships of 750 KW or more after hold the general secondary certificate.
• Completing guided sea training for a period of six months. (Certificate of sea service from the company / vessel (a minimum of 6 months sea service) on ships of 750 KW or more, after obtaining the (Officer in Charge of Engineering Watch- part A)).
• Copy of seaman book / seaman passport (showing the required maritime service).
• Copy of passport with statement of movements (stamps).
• training record book.
• Must attend the Officer in Charge of Engineering Watch (3rd Engineer) at JAMS for a period of six months.
• Must attend the Officer in Charge of Navigation Watch (2nd mate) at JAMS for a period of six months.

basic study students

Use the course registration button through the admission portal fill in the required fields and follow up your inquiry.

Accommodation is optional in JAMS hostel in single room and double room.
Passing the Marlins English exam with at least 60% is a prerequisite for graduation from studies. The exam results are valid for 24 months.

أما بالنسبة للرسوم الدراسية العامة فيتم ردها في حالة الانسحاب قبل الموعد المحدد للدورة ، أما في حالة الدورات المخصصة ، فإن الرسوم قابلة للاسترداد إذا تم الإخطار بالإلغاء قبل أسبوع واحد من الموعد المحدد. خلاف ذلك ، سيتم فرض رسوم متفق عليها.

Contact Person(s)

Name: Mr. Anas Quttaineh
Position: Head of Admission & Registration Department
Telephone: 0096265240102
Fax: 0096265240107
Mobile: 00962792660359


Starting Date: 4 July, 2021
End Date: 30 December, 2021
Saturday; 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Duration: Minutes


Certificate of Competency COC


JMC Assessment



Learning Tools

White Board,
Discussions/Brain Storming,
Team work,
Case Study,
PowerPoint Presentations

Program Fees


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