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The Academy is an educational institution specialized in Maritime Education and Training (MET). It is accredited by Jordan Maritime Commission (Ministry of Transport). It qualifies graduates to work on commercial vessels all over the world where many opportunities are available with good salaries that help build up a secure future in relatively short time.

The study duration in the Academy to obtain the first maritime certificate is nearly 4 years divided to 3 stages; 2 years (with possibility of adding induction course) in the Academy, then practical training on board ships (in accordance with sea-guided training program requirements), then back again to the Academy to attend an intensive upgrading course for six months followed by assessment and granting a certificate by Jordan Maritime Commission.

Upon successful completion of the above stages, students will be granted a certificate of competency issued by Jordan government represented by Jordan Maritime Commission.


Nautical Studies

Students are qualified to get an Officer in charge of navigation watch (2nd officer) certificate. Study in this Department starts by basic studies, followed by sea-guided training until getting the first certificate of competency (Officer on Watch “2nd Officer”). These willing to upgrade their ranks may continue study towards chief officer then master mariner.

Marine Engineering

Students are qualified to get Officer of Engineering Watch “3rd Engineer” certificate which qualified them to work as maintenance and operation engineer on board ships in engine room where there are main engines and auxiliary devices. Study in this Department starts with basic studies follows by sea-guided training until getting first certificate of competency (officer in charge of engineering watch “3rd engineer”). These willing may continue study towards 2nd engineer, then chief engineer.

Marine Electrical Engineering

Students in this department are qualified to obtain an Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) certificate, which qualifies them to work as electrical officers on board commercial ships. The study in this department begins with the basic studies program, followed by a sea-guided training, until obtaining a certificate of competency (Electro-Technical officer).

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