Since 2004, the department began receiving students to join various educational programs for all ranks and levels to qualify them to obtain Jordanian certificates of competency issued by the Jordanian Maritime Authority.

The department prepares, develops and qualifies students in accordance with the international standards of the International Convention of STCW, which deals with educational and training standards for educational bodies, and provides its educational and training services with absolute efficiency, professionalism, safety and transparency by dealing with students in a spirit of love and equality.

The Department undertakes the task of developing different educational stages through comprehensive and periodical review of curriculum and educational courses along with developing lecturers continuously in order to maintain quality of education.
The department aims to develop the educational process permanently and continuously, through a comprehensive and periodic review of the curriculum, plans and educational courses, and the department’s lecturers are continuously developing in order to maintain the quality and outputs of education.

Staff members of the department are all highly qualified and long experienced in maritime fields which makes them capable of training students on maintenance and operation of different maritime.
All the lecturers in the marine department hold specialized training courses, the most important of which is a training of trainers course according to the approved models IMO Model Courses 3.09 & 3.12

Word of
Department Head

Head, Nautical Department
Capt. Yousef Alkhalafat

I am pleased to welcome you to the Nautical Department. The department provides various educational programs needed to work onboard commercial ships, This Includes courses to all levels of certificates of competency.

JAMS - Nautical Studies Dep.


To be the first tributary of the Arab maritime industry or within the department's proposed specializations while maintaining the quality of outputs according to the relevant authorities' requirements and standards.


Developing the human academic element through continuous development and training, in addition to developing curricula according to the relevant global requirements, using the best educational means, equipped to simulate the practical reality of learners.

General Trends
of the Department

Development of study curricula and courses, engineering simulators, specialized labs, lecturers continuously and in compliance the latest STCW updates and competency certificates besides enhancing the skills of e-learning tools and the Academy’s e- platform.


Nautical Studies Department
Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies