Within the Academy's keenness to provide the Arab and international maritime sector with the best competencies and improve the quality of the educational and training process; The English Language Lab was established in 2013 at the Academy as one of the First Marlins Test Centre for Maritime English in Jordan. The lab offers many modern teaching methods as computers equipped with internet services, an LCD, a wireless microphone, loudspeakers, data show, and all other related applications and programs.

Today, the English language has become an essential requirement for institutions wishing to employ individuals, especially the navy, as it is the first language of communication between different nationalities.

The center is fully monitored and connected with Marlin's head office in Britain.

The lab is used in several, oral communication, listening and other language educational programs which rely on PowerPoint presentations as well as other Moodle courses.


The center held more than 4081 exam during the previous period, 2177 examinees, and more than 34 different nationalities were sitting to the exam, and distributed as follow: –
Jordanian, Syrian, Palestinian, Lebanese, Iraqi, Kuwaiti, Omani, Emirati, Bahraini, Yemeni, Saudi, Egyptian, Libyan, Algerian, Somali, Angolan, Kenyan, Sudanese, Pakistani, Indian, Turkish, Cypriot, Greek, Ukrainian, Russian, Azerbaijani, Brazilian, Italian, Panamanian, British, Austarian, Bangladish, Dominican, Venezuelian, American.

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It is well known that passing the English Language Exam (Marlins) has become one of the most important standards and functional requirements for most organizations in the maritime sector.