Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies received the Royal Jordanian Navy Delegation

Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies welcomed an Official senior delegation from The Royal Jordanian Navy headed by Naval Colonel Hisham Al-Jarrah, Head of Royal Jordanian Navy, to discuss cooperation areas between the two parties and to enhance partnership between the various national maritime sectors as a major supporter of the sector.
The delegation was briefed on the most prominent facilities owned by the Academy, the most important of which are simulators of tugs, rescue boats as the only in Jordan, in addition to various electronic learning aids.
The Academy emphasized the application of best educational practices and the conclusion of cooperation agreements with major institutions worldwide.
For his part, Al-Jarrah and the honorable delegation affirmed the prestigious level provided by the Academy and the great reputation it possessed at the level of the Arab world and the world at large.
It is noteworthy that the Academy cooperates with many parties in the Arab world to supplement the commercial and non-commercial maritime sectors, especially with regard to the security and safety of ships, ports, and the preparation of the necessary security plans.