The Academy completes the training of logistical support graduates at Al-Balqa Applied University

Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies finished Technical and logistical course series which was implemented for graduated students from the Logistics Support Department at Al-Balqa Applied University after an effort of six Months, and it was carried out in cooperation with Jordanian Logistics Association and German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), The Academy implemented the training through a specialized staff

in Jordan academy for Maritime Studies.


The Academy – as the house of expertise in this field – had training about 60 students, they are all graduates of the Logistics Support Diploma, an average of five sessions per a graduate, divided into four groups: two groups of them took place at the training center in

the Jordanian Logistics Association, and two groups at Amman College Undergraduate / Al-Balqa Applied University, training courses included the following specialized topics:

  • Transport management and planning
  • Transport documents and incoterms
  • Basics of shipping and clearance
  • logistics and supply chain Management
  • life skills