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To enhance the practical component of maritime training, in compliance with international requirements. JAMS has established a navigation and communication simulation lab where a number of highly specialized training courses related to the bridge are held.
They include: Ship Handling, GMDSS, Voyage training, Berthing, and Towing.

The new lab is the most advanced and sophisticated in the region manufactured by “WARTSELLA” to comply with STCW 1978 as amended, requirements.

JAMS - Bridge Simulator

It is another step forward within JAMS developmental activities which aim to ensure high-quality education and training outputs. It is a full mission engine room simulator which along with the navigation simulator, complete the simulators systems in the academy.

It has been selected from among the newest models of simulators that are fully compliant with the most recent STCW requirements as well as with valid DNV standard for a system, one of the most important components of the simulator is the mathematical models of the vessel machinery as well as specific control systems.

For the purpose of designing the simulators, a vessel was selected to include all operational systems; it was a crude oil tanker.

Transas 5000

As a step toward improving our facilities with the latest technology types of equipment, we at JAMS installed a full mission liquid cargo handling simulator (Transas 5000) that includes different types of liquid cargo vessel models, all of which are certified by DNV and GL, and match the existing STCW requirements and beyond.

The simulator based on actual ship specifications and performance data, a real automation system, provided with high-quality training, starting from single sub-emergency situations, loading control system which includes Tanks, hull strength, ship stability, and ship loading that is calculated by the Load Calculator System in the Simulator.

Tug master

According to the Academy desire to enrich the practical training, it was added Tug master simulator, which provides training opportunities for a variety of jobs such as maneuvering tugs for trainees in addition to advanced towing methods for tug masters, optimal we of modern steering rigs, propellers of different types and beat methods of different towing operations.

Survival craft

Survival craft simulator is also equipped, this simulator provides training opportunities for seaman appointed to assume the responsibility of life and rescue boats where they will be trained on starting the tug engine and its accessories along with professional dealing with severe weather conditions, besides using anchor and saving survivors.


Engineering workshops have been lately developed by adding new teaching simulators which meet the requirement of STCW 1978 as amended, as well as for instructions of Jordan Maritime Commission, JAMS also has engineering workshop furnished with the necessary equipment and training aids for holding various workshops such as welding, turning, operation and maintenance of electrical and marine-mechanical motors, besides a safety lab to enable students to acquire technical skills that assist them in performing their jobs efficiently.

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Simulator-Based Courses

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Automatic Radar Plotting Aids

Program Code: ARPA
STCW Reference: A-II/2

Bridge Team and Resource Management

Program Code: BTM
STCW Reference: V111/2

Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems

Program Code: ECDIS
STCW Reference: II/2 – II/1

Engine Room Resource Management

Program Code: ERM
STCW Reference: V111/2

Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

Program Code: GMDSS
STCW Reference: A-IV/2

Radar Simulator

Program Code: RS
STCW Reference: II/2 – II/1

Ship Handling and Maneuvering

Program Code: SHM
STCW Reference: A-II/2

High Voltage Training Course

Program Code: HV
STCW Reference: A-III/1,2,6