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The present IMO Model Course has been developed for the candidates who will be providing medical first aid on board vessels and shall get prior training as per the relevant provisions of the STCW Code. The syllabus of the training course is covering all applicable requirements of the convention. The people who min the minimum competency standards will be considered competent and will be authorized to provide medical first aid should any illness or accidents take place on board.

Take immediate action upon encountering an accident or other medical emergency.

Master, Chief Mate, 2nd Mate
Chief Engineer, 2nd Engineer, 3rd Engineer
Elctro-technical officers

– Fill the course registration form.
– Payment of course fees.

1. Attending courses is daily and according to the schedule of each trainee who should adhere to the start time of courses.
2. Please be available in lecture room at least 15 minutes before scheduled time whether the course is virtual or in person.
3. Approved costume while attending is formal or semi-formal costume.
4. Effective participation and sharing of experiences is a must.
5. Full attendance of the course is a must as the lecturer will allow no interruptions or delay during the whole course.

•A desktop/ a laptop/ a smartphone/ any device that can be linked to the internet.
•linking any of the above devices to the internet
•You will be provided with a link for the program or the application to be used to enable you to join lectures.

The trainees taking subject course are expected to complete the Model Course 1.13 – Elementary First Aid which would provide the necessary essentials. The trainees will start with the information on the immediate action and the first-aid kits kept on board ships. After that the content of the course covers the structure and function of the human body, and various toxicological hazards commonly existing on board vessels.

Then, the different problems have been covered including but not limited to the spinal injuries, muscular injuries, heat and cold effects, scalds, burns, fractures and many others. Also, useful information on the pharmacology and sterilization has been included. Note that the volume also covers the cardiac, psychiatric and psychological issues.

As for general courses fees will be refunded in case of withdrawal before the set date of the course, but in the case of custom-built courses, fees are refundable if cancellation is notified one week before the set date. Otherwise, agreed-upon fees will be chargeable.

Contact Person(s)

Name: Mr. Hamza Abed
Position: Administration Officer, Training & Research
Fax: 0096265240107


Duration: 1 Day


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Learning Tools

PowerPoint Presentations,
White Board,
Case Study

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